UKPPG have their own 9-Acre PPG Dedicated Aerodrome (Fully CAA registered for PPG Training and Flying) in the Flat, Unobstructed Open Fenland Countryside offering a Safe and Friendly Environment for PPG Training, Flying and Cross Country Flights.
The Aerodrome is a 100% Dedicated PPG Training and Flying School without the Hazards of other Aircraft Operating from the Same Location like other Training Schools operating from Aerodromes with Microlights and GA Aircraft activity all around.

Learn to Fly Paramotors (Powered Paragliding) at UKPPG, set in the Beautiful Fenland Countryside.
Running since 2007, UKPPG Training School is the UK’s Only 100% dedicated PPG, CAA Registered Aerodrome with Full Planning Permission for PPG Training and Flying.

So Why Choose UKPPG ?
UKPPG are the Only Full Time BHPA Dedicated Powered Paragling Training School in the UK, that offers you  BHPA PPG Training 7 Days a Week from 8.30am to Half an Hour Past Sunset.

UKPPG is passionate about the safety of Pilots and this Fantastic sport. Nigel Davies the UKPPG Flying Instructor has been flying Paramotors for 7 years and started instructing full time as a PPG Instructor in 2009. We have a 100% Safety Record and we Train Students on a 1-2-1 basis, not in-group bookings with 5 to 10 other students. Why because everyone has different learning abilities and speeds of learning. We also believe that you cannot learn enough to become a competent pilot in 5-7 Days of training like a lot of Schools offer and this is why UKPPG has a One Off Training Fee that offers you Uncapped Training to fit in with your lifestyle.
This ensures that you learn at your own pace and it allows you time to master all aspects of the training syllabus prior to your 1st enjoyable flight. After an additional 35-50 flights you should be a Fully Signed off competent UKPPG, BHPA PPG Pilot with a Full BHPA Pilot Rating, giving you the skills, knowledge and confidence to venture off and fly on your own Safely and Confidently.

UKPPG supply all of the Latest Equipment Required (Excluding Boots) for the whole of your PPG Training and Flying right through to being Signed off as a Qualified APPI PPG Pilot meaning as a Student you Don’t have to purchase any equipment upfront unlike other Training Schools.

UKPPG Manufacture Custom Made, True Scale, 12m Paragliders with PPG risers and Trimmers allowing students, more Opportunity to Safely Train on More Days of the year unlike other Schools that train on Full Size Paragliders which Limits Safe Training Days to Calmer Conditions.

UKPPG have the Only Fully Simulated PPG Flight Simulator in the UK which teaches you the Paramotor / Engine part of your Training Syllabus Including: Throttle Control, Entry and Exit of Harness, Torque Effects, Weight Shifting, In-Flight Riser Positions, Speed Bar, Trimmer Settings and Take-off and Landing Practise. We also offer a professional Harness Set-Up Service for all levels of pilot on the Simulator.

UKPPG are the Largest Importers and Suppliers of PPG Equipment in the UK. We Offer totally unbiased advice on the complete range of Paramotors, Paragliders and All Accessories that you will require when you are ready to purchase your own equipment (ukppgwebstore.com).

UKPPG School Services:
UKPPG is a Family Friendly Flying School which is Open 365 Days of the Year (Subject to Weather) & Includes:
9 Acre PPG Dedicated and Controlled Airfield for your Safety
A Friendly Heated Clubroom with Self Service Cooking and Drink Facilities
Heated Training Room
Mains Water
Men’s, Ladies and Disabled Toilets
Changing Room
BBQ Area
Indoor and Outdoor Seating and Picnic Area
Adult and Child Safe Area
On-Site Parking
Members Lockers
Equipment Storage
Regular Flying Events and Camping
Accommodation Available within 1 mile from the Aerodrome

School Opened from: January to December

For More Information or to Arrange a Course Booking or a Taster Day
Give the UKPPG CFI, Nigel or Nikki Davies a Call on: 07917 827178 or 07914 736824

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