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If you are pleased with the services or products that UKPPG has supplied you or you have had a good experience with either a Purchase or PPG Training, then please take the time to write us your Testimonial for others to appreciate.

Your honest comments will help us to understand the ongoing needs and requirements of you, our customers and without you we cannot continue to grow.

We really appreciate your time and efforts and we thank you for your support and custom with building UKPPG to become the largest suppliers and choice of PPG equipment in the UK and Ireland.

Thank you to all of our past and present Students for your kinds words, we really do appreciate them all and we are very proud to put safe PPG pilots into the air.
Thank you so much.

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Nigel & Nikki

8th Oct 2012 my feet have just left the ground, my maiden flight. Wow words cant explain the thrill exhilaration, excitement, the buzz. Ive had a smile on my face from day one; I have never looked back at training at UKPPG. Nigel & Nikki thanks for being so hospitable putting the time in, always encouraging, patient and a damn good instructor. From a complete novice with no experience at all to (can I call myself a pilot after 1 flight) trainee pilot in the making. The pace of training is down to you (and the British weather) Nigel & Nikki always obliging. Nigel knows when youre ready, his knowledge and skill is second to none and he gets the best out of you. Dont look any further, UKPPG is the best. I would like to thank my friends again Nigel & Nikki cheers, also to the other pilots I have met for their help and encouragement Dave Lefevre and my training buddy Paul. Dale Woodward student trainee Pilot 07837852048 Cant wait for my next flight.....
Dale Woodward
Ongoing student trainee Pilot

I have always wanted to try something new and exciting and Paramotoring seemed the ideal way to take to the air at a price that was within my range, after many phones calls and chats with other pilots I kept hearing the same thing time and time again, give Nigel & Nikki a call at UKPPG and you wont go far wrong. So one phone call later and I was down the training field to find out what it was all about. This turned out to be an excellent decision as Nigel is extremely knowledgeable and talented instructor who always ensured that during my training safety was paramount. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the time, effort and commitment provided in allowing me to achieve my first couple of solo flights something I will never forget (neither will Nigel!!!). Many thanks again, Paul Green, Student (ongoing)
Paul Green
What are you waiting for? Give it a try !!!

When I first called Nigel from a Google search, I was pretty apprehensive having already spoken to a couple of other "instructors". However, Nigel seemed different, he was actually happy to help, flexible in when and how the training progressed and adament that he wouldnt put me up into the air until I was 110% ready to fly - he made me feel it was all possible. What can I say; I feel like I could write a book about my journey into the sky. Nigel is a diamond, along with his lovely wife Nikki. They are hospitable, fun and most of all very knowledgeable about all things paramotoring ? These guys enthusiasm for the sport is infectious. Would I recommend them to you? Damn right I would. If you are thinking about getting into the sport, in my humble opinion, there is no better place to learn than UKPPG. If you want to contact me about my experience with UKPPG - call me on 07500 004271 He sells stuff too?... :-)
Justin Clarke (JC)
This is the life.....real living.

UKPPG TRAINING: After buying some equipment and wasting £900 on training with a different company i put my gear up for sale. During this time i contacted Nigel at UKPPG and tried 1 days training, from this day on i am in love with the sport, the abillty to find fault with take offs and landing is second to none and health and saftey is key to the trust i have for Nigel and Nikki. To sum it all up i payed for the cheaper coarse and got poor training and support from my original instuctor and wasted £900 trying to get in the air in an unsafe manner. YOU WILL NOT GET BETTER i travel 104m from Birmingham to March to complete my training coarse with Nigel and Nikki at UKPPG. THANKS GUYS FOR HELPING ME THROUGH TO THE LEVEL I AM AT NOW. You learn so much more at UKPPG :)
Michael and Tunde Webster
UKPPG Training

I always wanted to fly but never thought my dream would come true so quickly. I came across PPG on youtube in June 2011 and by July I started training with UKPPG. Had my first flight on day 6 of training. I am so glad I went to UKPPG. Nobody else in the UK can offer the range of equipment and level of quality in training in my opinion. Even their after sales service is excellent and that says a lot these days! Nigel and Nikki, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to make by dream a reality!
PPG pilot from Nottingham

Excellent training! Second to none. Nigel is by far best of the best with his methods and prospective pilots should look no further than UKPPG for they're training. I came with no background in flying and with Nigel's advice I now have every confidence in my skills and am ready to fly. Over the past months whenever the timing is just right for me, I ring Nigel and come over for the day for a lesson- He is very flexible and more than willing to teach whenever needed. Great advice on motors and wings, Nigel has been non-biased and open to each individual's needs. My mate and I are currently both in training and has given us both very helpful advice on motors and wings that are suitable to our needs and skill level. Nigel and Nikki have exceeded my expectations in every way and I can't thank them enough! Not only have i learned to paramotor, Being from america-I've also learned to make proper english tea and fix my brummie accent! You learn so much more at UKPPG!
Dan Hackney
Pilot in the making

First Class. I cannot thank Nigel and Nikki enough. Having had a bad experience with another school, I decided to try UKPPG for my PPG training, and I still cant believe how lucky I was. Having spoken to other trainees whilst there, they too unfortunately have had poor instruction elsewhere. Nigels attention to detail really paid off and even in the first day started to correct my poor technique. I would thoroughly recommend them for training, as it really is First Class. Nigel and Nikki are so wonderful and friendly, they really cant do enough for you. I had thought about going abroad to train due to the weather, but it really wasnt needed as the time and dedication that is put into training definitely makes the most of every minute thats available. I cant thank you both enough.
Dave Elton
Exceptional Paramotor Training

I initially contacted UKPPG in order to purchase a new wing. The good advice I got from Nigel made me decide to go ahead. I also felt that my technique needed improving so given the positive experience, I decided to book refresher lessons rather than risk flying totally new equipment for the first time by myself (I had separately bought a new paramotor). In just two days of training with Nigel at UKPPG, my technique improved beyond all recognition. It was a revelation to experience how friendly, patient and observant Nigel was in the training. Nothing was too much trouble, his encouragement was uplifting and I never felt uneasy, hassled or stupid as I made mistakes - Nigel was simply able to use those experiences to improve my awareness of my technique. I progressed from being apprehensive of forward launching to now thoroughly enjoying how effortless it can be with the correct technique - remarkable. Owen Jones (Contiued below)
Owen Jones
Paramotor Training (Forward Launch Techniques)

Very big thankyou to Nigel and Nikki , one very satisfied trainee. I cannot thankyou enough , had such a great time and for also saving my life. Training with you , safety comes first and the fun comes later . Had to start from scratch for various reasons and was flying within 3 days with the paramotor on. Would highly recommend if you are thinkin of this sport/hobby . But watch out where you go . Go to the people who sell the products i.e Nigel and Nikki . They will sell you the product that is suitable for you . Set the wing and paramotor up for you PROPERLY . Thanks for the holiday and say hi to the kids and everyone i met :) all the every best . Stuart X
Stuart Pitkeathly

Call sign Skidder: If you dont like adventure or you dont like to be out doors and you shy away from hard physical exercise then dont bother to read on. I have just had the adventure of a lifetime, learning to Paramotor with the Best PPG instructor in the UK, Nigel Davies at UKPPG (My opinion). I have observed, been instructed and learnt many new skills from a consummate professional who only accepts the very best from his students. Because of this, you automatically try your hardest to aspire to Nigels standards, which are extremely high. Never have I had so much fun and exhilaration mashed in with so much physical exercise, Continued
Dave Wisson
The Adventure of a Lifetime!

I can not recommend Nigel & Nikki Davies enough, their devotion and commitment to this sport goes way beyond expectaions. Myself and some friends were ripped off by another instructor not so far away, on training fees and equipment, so are now being retrained the correct way to fly paramotors. Nigel is a instructor and person you will not find anywhere else in the uk, full of encouragement and incredible hospitallity. 1 in a 100000. if you want to be trained to fly paramotors properly, safley with a very friendly atmosphere, i urge you to look no further. If you wish to talk to me regarding my previous experience and my highly recommended training school (UKPPG) with great facillities, feel free to contact me on 07810370818.
Darrell Hawkins

Eddie Durey and myself took a trip to march home of UKPPG. We where met from the train took to his home where we got a very warm welcome. Several cups of coffee later we went to the field. I got to try an EC extreme 185, very light well balanced and a lot of power. I got a go on his flight rig, well built and a load of fun. Eddie received a very intense training package well presented and well put together, Nigel is a very hard working instructor with a lot of knowledge. thanks to both Nigel and Nikki for the hospitality.
Gerry Donnelly
My Experience at UKPPG

From Edward Durey I would like to thank Nigel and Nikki in UKPPG for a great two days of training in there home Town of March north of Cambridge, on the 10th and 11th of May 2011. I bought a K2 wing and an EC25 Extreme Moster paramotor and a large reserve parachute and Helmet from UKppg. I am very happy with everything I bought and with the price I paid. When I went over for my training I took a friend over with me call Gerry and I did not fly because I am very new to paramotoring and the first day I was very tired at the end of the day and when the wind died down I just was to tired and as a professional Nigel agreed but my friend is flying about 3 years and he flew my K2 and Nigel?s demo EC Extreme Moster paramotor and this is what he had to say: I GOT TO FLY THE NEW K2, DELL SAY ITS AWESOME WELL I DIDN''T BELIEVE HIM, BUT I WAS PLEASANTLY SURPRISED. IT?S VERY EASY TO LAUNCH IN NIL WIND VERY STABLE BUT MANOEUVRABLE AND IS EVERY BIT AS FAST AS MOST WINGS....
Eddie Durey
My Buying and Training Experience with UKPPG

Back to me as Eddie Durey. I thought the training was excellent and I learned a lot from you in the two days, I know I did not get up in the air but when I do I will use what you showed me. I would like to thank Nigel and Nikki as UKPPG for all there help and for the hospitality they showed me and Gerry. I would like to say to any one reading this that why buy from any one else when you can buy from the best as UKPPG as from Nigel and Nikki. Many Thanks from the two Irish Lads Eddie and Gerry.
Eddie Durey
My Buying and Training Experience with UKPPG (Cont)

(Continued From Above) Nigel was simply able to use his experience to improve my awareness of my technique. I progressed from being apprehensive of forward launching to now thoroughly enjoying how effortless it can be with the correct technique - remarkable. Back home, what Nigel taught has stuck and I have a new-found confidence and enjoyment in my flying. Between training exercises, Nigel, Nikki and Gary were extremely hospitable, helpful and very good company - I had a thoroughly good time. As over the top as this may sound, my experience really was that good, so give them a try!!! Owen Jones
Owen Jones
Paramotor Training (Forward Launch Techniques)

Really glad a found Nigel and Nikki, i was at the end of my teather with a 2 bit trainer X marks the spot. Great people made me feel welcome and at ease which helped me leaps and bounds. Also managing to get the bad training i previously had out of my head. Being set up on a A frame was exactly what i needed something Richard doesnt have. Within 3 days i was flying and after that i was up 3 times a day superb. Which made me so glad as i had wasted months not getting anywhere with another trainer elsewhere. Thanks very much Nigel and Nikki see you again Stuart
Stuart Pitkeathly
UKPPG best Paramotor Training in the UK

Superior thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!

Mick Turner, Age 43, Self taught novice. Recently spent a great day with Nigel ironing out one or two faults with my technique.
Mick Turner
PPG Pilot

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