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Blokart Experience

What is A BloKart and What is BloKarting?

If you haven’t been Lucky Enough to be introduced to the world of Blokarting, then take the time to Browse Our Blokart Website Here !!!

Think of a Blokart as a mini land yacht, fast, fun, safe and comparatively affordable, and you won't be too far wrong.  They have a 3-wheeled steel chassis that is light strong and protective.  Drive is produced by the single hand controlled sail in sizes of 2,3,4 or 5.5sqm and you steer with a hand tiller bar, like a steering wheel.

Blokarts are amazingly easy to sail, and are suitable for young and old age 12 to 80 alike.  Most people take just minutes to get going and then it's just the finesse that takes a while to perfect !!!  Blokarts are fast and you really feel it, as the pilots are so low to the ground. 

BKEA (BloKarts East Anglia) can offer you the chance to experience the thrill of Blokarting. Within 30 minutes you will also bare the legendary "Blokarting Grin" that so many have worn no matter if you are 12 - 98 years old.

  If you have a couple of friends then get them together and come and have a go, most of our groups are between 5-20 people and together you will share the thrill and adrenalin of Blokarting and take away with you a never ending memory of how much fun the wind alone can offer.

BKEA Offers Special Rates for Schools and Special Needs Groups

From 2024 we will also be offering our New sudecar option where the younger members of the family or less abled can ride in the sidecar as a passenger wuth the parent or carer driving so that all the family can participate in this amazing outdoor activity. 

BKEA BloKart Activity Days & Training

Blokarts East Anglia (BKEA) Activity Centre and Training School offers a Fun Filled Day out for all the Family, Corporate Entertainment, Schools, Group Parties, Birthday Parties and Individuals alike.
Everyone will enjoy the extreme buzz of Blokarting, whether you are a complete novice or a professional BloKart Pilot or sailor our fantastic Blokart Activity Centre caters for all levels and abilities.

You are welcome to take Blokarting lessons, Blokart by yourself (After initial Lessons with one of our instructors) or as you progress, move onto compete with one another in Blokart Fun Races !!!

We sail on 9 acres of grassland at March, Cambridgeshire, throughout the year and we can also organise beach days out on the North Norfolk Coastline, by special request.

Our Team of Qualified BloKart Instructors, including Brian Davies, 7 times European Land Yachting Champion, will guide you through how simple it really is to handle a Blokart and they will also train you on understanding the wind and its effects, to ensure that you get the most out of your day with BKEA.

After a few minutes you will be able to manoeuvre the Blokart by yourself and will find yourself chasing the wind around the site with a smile all over your face !!!

BKEA also have Club Memberships Available where if you own your own BloKart, then you can use our facilities all year round, or you can hire our Blokart equipment at reduced rates if you do not already own your own, as and when you require.

Corporate Events - Blokarting is an ideal activity for Corporate Events and Team Building!!!

BKEA Events Department will professionally help you to organise an unforgettable event for your Company complete with Team Racing and a Trophy Award Ceremony for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, Best Racers at the end of your eventful day of entertainment.

BKEA caters for all sizes of bookings, from Individuals to Full Business Corporate Work Forces, Management Teams and Sales Teams.

Blokarting is great for building strong Team Spirit and Motivation. Why not put up a Sales Team Challenge each month to encourage Target Achievement by rewarding your Top Performers in your Workforce or Team, to a fun filled day out away from the working environment.

Call Us Today for our Packages on: 07917 827178  Or Goto Our Contact Us Page

Let The Wind Blow Smiles All Over Your Face !!!