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Established 2007


Company Profile

APCO Aviation is one of the world's biggest producers of paragliders, harnesses, parachute rescue systems and accessories and has been producing world-beating gliders for over twenty years. From paragliders like the high performance Extra, which still holds the World Distance Record, and the entry level Prima, a wing that has become a benchmark for many schools and instructors around the world, to the Mayday Emergency System which continues to save pilots on a regular basis. 

World Leaders in the Design and Manufacture of Paragliders, Harnesses, Parachute Reserve Systems, Power Wings and Accessories for the Pilot 


  • 13 World Records have been set on APCO gliders
  • They started out producing Hang-gliders and Ultralights in 1974
  • They have sold over 30 000 gliders since 1982
  • They have 3200 m2 of factory space and employ over 60 skilled workers
  • APCO has dealers in more than 60 countries worldwide
  • More than 12 000 000m of lines have gone into Apco gliders ... thats twice the radius of earth!