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At UKPPG we know that buying a new wing or paramotor can be a daunting process due to cost and wide range of equipment available in Today's Market.

There are more wing and paramotor equipment manufactures and models available, than ever before offering a huge choice of colours and designs, handling characteristics, speed systems, reflex technology, beginner wings, advanced wings, anti stall technology, certification types, materials, good reviews, bad reviews etc, etc The list is endless..........

At UKPPG we deal with most of today's leading paraglider and paramotor manufactures therefore we are non biased towards any one brand or particular model so all you will recieve is honest and open advice. There are no modern bad wings or paramotors out there only bad decisions made in choosing the right equipment for you.

Safety is paramount at UKPPG so let us use our years of experience and close relationships with the leading manufactures to help you make sense of all the choices and choose the best equipment for your specific requirements and flying abilities.

So before you hand over your hard earned cash, why don't you come along to our UKPPG Airfield and take a demo on the Wing, Paramotor or Equipment of your choice before you buy and make sure that you new purchase is the right one for you.

To book a Demo, please Fill Out Our Contact Form or Call Nigel or Nikki on 07917 827178