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Digifly Flight Instruments

The benefits of using Digifly monitoring systems are characterised by higher precision, less weight, better reliability, compactness and less expense, compared to the purchase of equivalent mechanical instruments.
Commercial and military aviation recognised the benefits of electronic instrumentation long ago and our objective has been to bring this technology to the general flying public by making it simple to use and affordable.

All Digifly instruments are manufactured using precise state of the art robotic assembly systems, which virtually eliminate the human error factor.

Having considered that pilots, depending on the different types of craft they fly, have different needs, Digifly have developed their product range to suit those needs. Thereby helping to make all forms of flight management easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Digifly offers the pilot efficient, affordable, high precision instrumentation.

Digifly is a young and dynamic company, and since 1989 has been engaged in developing and improving an innovative modular digital flight and engine monitoring systems.