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SkyFlar LED Strobe Light Systems

Fly safe!

Every year ,there are more and more paragliders and other ultralight aircraft in the air . During the flight on the late hours of day the paragliders are difficult to see ,thats why we should take care more for our safety and be visible for other members of air traffic. The answer for it is innovational paramotor strobe light SKYFLAR.

It is a proffesional strobe light dedicated to any type of paramotors. It is the smallest paramotor lamp on the market with the highest flash and visiblity up to 5 miles at dusk! Handmade with the highest level of accuracy, waterproof and shock resistant.

The lamp was tested by paragliders and improved for 3 years, and become more and more popular for its power, ease of use and small dimensions. Product awarded by Sience and Technology Park in Poland for innovation. We provide a cooperation on the highest level.

SkyFlar LED Strobe Light Systems