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Ec Extreme

We are currently unable to supply complete EC Extreme Paramotors or Trikes but we do supply and Have in Stock Engines Parts and Various Different Components. Please feel free to contact us for more info on our range Parts and Spares.

The Full & Comprehensive Range From EC Extreme Are Built To Very High Standards& Are Very Light But Most Importantly They Are Very, Very Strong Making Tham An Ideal Choice ForBoth Experienced & BEGINNER Pilots.

The Ec Extreme Range of Paramotors Make The Perfect Choice For Training Schools Due To TheirRobustness & Lightness Which We Find Our Student Appreciate When Learning To Fly.

The Paramotor Frame is a 3-pieces aluminum Cage(Assembly or Dismantling 1 Minute Due to Unique Design, Quick Press Stud Fasteners, No More Horrible Velcro Straps).
Your EC Extreme Breaks Down Into 3 Cage Components & The Main Chassisand Once Taken Apart The Paramotor Will Easily Fit Into The Boot or Back Seat of Your Car.
It Can Also Be Taken With You When You Go Traveling With Its Ultimate Portability.

Ec Extreme