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Why Hi-Tec?

Whether you’re looking for a walking boot or squash shoe, a day to day trainer or golf gear, there’s plenty of options out there. So why choose Hi-Tec?

Here’s just a few reasons…

Technology – Many of there shoes feature latest technologies such as: ion-mask™, a protective layer over one thousand times thinner than a human hair which makes the shoe water and dirt repellent; V-Lite, a revolutionary build using innovative materials and construction to reduce the weight of the shoe as much as possible; Vibram, the world leader in high performance soles delivering durability, traction and protection; and Thinsulate Insulation, which uses unique fibres to trap air molecules offering you warmth without bulk.

Lightweight, Quality & Comfort – They pride thereselves on producing lightweight, quality, comfortable footwear. They also produce a wide range of footwear to suit individual needs. They also offer footwear that is practical, stylish, colthereful, great value… what more could you want!

Award Winning – In 2013, They were voted Outdoor Footwear Brand of the Year! Furthermore, there V-Lite Altitude Ultra Luxe Ion-Mask boot received the Which? Best Buy Walking Boot award in 2012 and there Zuuk’s have received 100% 5 Star Reviews from customers (as of 22nd July 2013, 16 out of 16 customers awarded 5 stars in product reviews for the Zuuk).

The Hi-Tec Comfort Guarantee – There Comfort Guarantee is not so much a policy, it’s a promise. There are three key elements which help us to keep this promise to there customers: Neil Burrows, SATRA and Intertek. Neil, there Global Footwear Technologist is highly acclaimed in the footwear industry. He has over 30 years’ experience (and counting!) and a deep understanding of how footwear should be developed and manufactured to industry benchmark standards. SATRA and Intertek, both authorities on the technical aspects of footwear, set the benchmark for comfort, fit and performance.  Together, Neil, SATRA and Intertek have made significant improvements to there collection, and together, they are your Comfort Guarantee. Giving you the reassurance you need to purchase ythere shoes with confidence.