GIN Neoprene Cover Sleeve to Secure Mallion Maillon Carabiner Karabiner to Reserve Bridle & Harness

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Product information

GIN Neoprene Cover for Reserves & Bridles:

This Listing is for Our Neoprene Sleeve Cover used to secure the Harness Attachments to the Reserve Y Bridles or the Reserve Y Bridle to the Main Reserve Container Maillon Attachments. The Neoprene Sleeve keeps the Reserve Y Bridle from sliding around on the Maillons and keeps the Bridle and Maillon Stright through the connection / Joint.

We also Recommend using these Neoprene Sleeves / Covers in conjuction with our Bridle / Reserve Rubber Bands to be used ideally in conjunction with our Neoprene Covers for Covering Maillons and Carabiner attachments from the Reserve to Harness to keep the Reserve Y Bridle from sliding around on the Maillons.

GIN GLIDERS Neoprene reserve system Connector Protector / Cover.

This is designed to cover a 7mm Maillon Rapide when used to connect the webbing from a single riser rescue parachute (like the One G) to the reserve Y bridle attached to your harness.

The cover is made from elastic neoprene and is designed to be a tight fit. It holds the webbing in place on the maillon, preventing maillon rotation and also covers the connector for safety in the event of a deployment.

Particularly popular with paramotor pilots.

Size Approx.10cm x 5cm
Weight: 6g


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