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Airone Pro Paramotor PPG Trike


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Airone . Pro - PPG Trike

The Airone Trike is a very unique Trike that is pretty much universal to fit most paramotors on the Market.

It is a very lightweight yet very strong construction and it fold down into one of the smallest units on the market in just a few seconds. The rear axles pull out and the rear wheels also remove from the axles and then the chassis of the Airone.Pro Trike folds in half making it very small and compact for transportation.

The has a very unique feature in that you can drop the front wheel and forward chassis strut which has a quick release designed into the construction so that you can release it in-flight so the front wheel hangs below the trike and this enables you to still use the paraglider SPEED BAR in-flight.

With a flick of your foot the front wheel comes back up and automatically locks in position for landing or if you want to just put your feet up onto the steering foot pegs for in-flight leg comfort.

The wheels are purpose made, light weight Spoked wheels that look like BMX wheels but are very strong to take the stresses and strains of the weight of the Pilot , Trike and Paramotor during bumpy take-offs and landings.

Necessity is the mother of invention and your health or fitness can deteriorate as we get older.
When you have been flying for many years with a foot-launched Paramotor unit on your back, your spine and joints are exposed to big loads and high possibilities of compressions and damage despite years of experience.
Fitting a trike to your paramotor relieves the stresses and strains from the weight of your paramotor and you can enjoy effortless flying without worrying about your body not keeping up with your age or fitness.

The idea of creating something that would give a relief to one’s body isn’t a new concept but:

  • There was no trike on the market which would let you feel like you are flying a normal PPG.
  • Which would allow you to use the Speed Bar-system in its full range.
  • Which would allow you to take pictures and movies vertically downwards and around you and what seems most important
  • Which would allow you to attach your OWN Paramotor (with lift systems) without any additional, custom-made suspensions struts or adaptations.

An idea came to life of making a trike that would be:

  • Easy for transportation even with the use of a small car
  • Light on land and controllable when in the sky.
  • Durable construction.
  • Fast setup and packing away.
  • Above all practical and giving full fun of flying just like a normal footlaunched Paramotor PPG

Please remember that iun certain Countries around the World you as a pilot will need to comply with your countries
air laws and may have to take a license / flying test to be able to legally fly a Paramotor Trike.
In the UK you need to take a PT.1 Microlight Test to fly legally if you are not foot launching a PPG / Paramotor.

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